Model #: 10400

Name: Mary Morphine
Location: Dothan, Alabama
Age: 22
Website: http://www.facebook.com/mary.yeoman.7?ref=tn_tnmn
Email: Extremechick420@yahoo.com
About Me: My name is Mary Yeoman. I am of German/Norwegian background. I am a libra. Into the goth lifestyle. My hobbies include: paintball, automotive mechanics, video games, motocross. I love piercings and tattoos.. reading, painting, writing and photography.

To all photographers, site owners, adult film/press associates: I'm extremely easy to work with. I can do my own make-up if needed, and I can provide my own outfits. I do love having professionals working with me however. I have just recently got into modeling. Looking to improve and gain experience. Shorts of themes/press I'm comfortable with: fetish modeling, goth (Victoria, Cyber, Grunge), BDSM, vinyl/leather fetish, full nudity, female on female, sola, and select male I'd be comfortable filming/shooting with. Dominating comes very natural to me as well...

Feel free to get in contact with me if you're interested in my services. I WILL NOT reply to messages of people wanting nude photo(s) and/or "hook up."